Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quick Update

Finally got back to the farm today after two weeks away. The plants have really taken off and look great. The basil below is the largest I've ever seen and I've grown plenty of it over the years to know these are large basil plants.


Here is the other grow bed with a variety of spices and now several tomato plants along the back. The tomato plants are all flowering so I should have some fresh pickings soon.

Not so impressive are my lettuces and especially the spinach.

I did get my hands on what I am told are tropicalized lettuce, cabbage and cucumber seeds, which have germinated (below). I will probably plant some this week and the rest when I get a floating-raft bed set up.

The fish look great and the tank water is crystal clear. PH is stable at 6.6. I'll probably go to once-per-week measurements on all variables now that the system has stablized. My fingerlings are now considerably larger - will get pictures soon. I should probably move them to the large tank soon as the sump does not have any emergency back-up pump installed.

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