Saturday, October 30, 2010


I just realized I had not posted any pictures of my fish, so here they are! I also realize I was so tired last weekend when I posted my update, that I mistakenly said I had 5 large fish. Well, there are six. Plus, there are two fingerlings. Those I couldn't take pictures of or even find, but they must be in there or they'd be floating on top.

I've also decided to name these and all future fish. There is just nothing better than a personal connection. I've established an elaborate and sophisticated naming system for said purpose.

Basically, these fish are named as follows: Grill-Dinner-1; Grill-Dinner-2; Grill-Dinner-3; Grill-Dinner-4; Grill-Dinner-5; and the cutest one of all, Grill-Dinner-6. If you would like detailed instructions and the basic formula for my naming algorithm, please write and send $29.99. :)

Where the Wild Pre-Grill-Dinner Things Are:

My tank, when full, and when my system is fully operational, should hold around 180 fish. That's a lot of BBQs. The naming system though, is guaranteed to work for well over that number, so act now while supplies last.


  1. Why are your fish hiding in the corner? Maybe they don't like their names!
    Were any fished harmed in the making of that video?
    Is there a moderator on this site?

    Put a couple big tubes in the tank so the fish have a place to hide-out. All that fish-stress is producing catabolic hormones...not good for the size or taste of the future fillet.....just joking.

  2. They always go towards the furthest point opposite of me - must be the names, though I have no idea why! I always say them in a nice and friendly way. I did put tubes in actually - but they're for the fingerlings - and I suspect that's where they are.