Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Pickin's

Here's what we picked off the plants this weekend:

Those yellow globes are yellow tomatoes.  They are new for me and I have never seen them at the grocery store here.  They are much smaller than regular tomatoes, stay yellow just like in the pic, and are much juicier and sweeter than regular tomatoes.

There is not a whole lot to report this week.  The tomato plants and cuke plant look good and are producing.  The watermelon and zucchini plants look like they're taking well to the system.  The spinach and lettuce are not looking good - nothing new there.  The spinach is looking yellow again as is some of the lettuce.  I added more liquid chelated iron (4%) this weekend.  All together, I've added an estimated 1/2 a 500ml bottle of liquid 4% chelated iron to the system. 

PH is holding steady at 6.8.  Last weekend it shot up to 7.0 for no reason I can think of.  After adding three cap fulls of phosphoric acid, it got back down to 6.8.  PH is tested daily, so any kind of iron lockout due to high PH is highly unlikely. 

I changed my pumps out today and replaced them with a Danner mag drive (magnetic-drive) pump.  The difference in efficiency will pay for the pump in two months.  Here's a video explaining the change-out, and then pics of the pump specs.

The small wicking bed is looking good.  These are baby (right) and regular (left) radishes after 3 weeks of trans-planting.  Large wicking bed hasn't been planted yet.

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